“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver

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Unfog the mirror so

that you can heal yourself

“My health trajectory has completely turned around; a big shift for the better happened in my business that I could have never predicted; I feel more at peace with myself; I have more joy in my life.” -Kate, psychologist

Get unstuck.

I serve high-achievers and empaths who are overwhelmed and know something is missing.

You’ve read Glennon Doyle or Gabrielle Bernstein or Eckhart Tolle and even though your life looks “good” or even “envy-worthy” on social media, you know that there must be something more, and you fear that you’re not living up to your full potential.

Maybe you sense that past traumas are keeping you stuck, or your inner self-critic is getting in the way of your success. You crave rest, you know that you’re not as productive as you could be or you used to be, you wish you could bounce back a little faster, be lit up by what you're doing, and most of all, you want peace.

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Get rapid results.

“Without trying to be over dramatic - she has changed my life.

River has helped me see patterns and change my limited perspectives and enabled me to recognize deep-seated conditioning that has been blocking me in life. She then gave me the tools to release those blocks.

She helped me move a lot of stuck emotions in a judgement free zone, she has a deep understanding of how people work best. Whether you have just a few things to work on - or some major ‘stuff’ to clear - you have come to the right place.”

-Becky, entrepreneur

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